QUESTION: Given that there is submission of the Annex 3a and 3b, do agencies still need to submit the Agency Performance Report/Accomplish-ment (Forms A/A1) for FY 2018), much like the previous PBB requirement?

For FY 2018, the requirement for the physical accomplishment was changed to the agency’s critical process improvement/s instead of the achievement of the Major Financial Outputs (MFOs). The format of Forms A/A1 is now changed to systems improvement, the Modified Form A/A1.


QUESTION: Regarding the Modified Form A/A1, the agency has no payment involved for the non-frontline services. How are agencies going to accomplish these forms? Do we still need to indicate that there are no fees involved?

If the field is not applicable for a service of the agency, the agency can write N/A in the remarks column.


QUESTION: What is substantive compliance cost and what are its components?

The substantive compliance cost, according to AO 25 IATF MC 2018-01, is the cost incurred by the target entities so that they can comply with certain regulations imposed by the agency. If this does not apply to your agency you can put N/A.


QUESTION: What if it is already streamlined? If the agency streamlined further their services for the public might be comprised.

DAP Senior Vice President (SVP) Magdalena Mendoza said that they need to check if it is really reduced. If there are any complaints received, the improvements were not sufficient. This will be reflected in the last column of the Annex 3, the Satisfaction Results. There could be a possibility the agency will declare that they can’t streamline any further but the complaints from the transacting public remains the same.

Another thing to consider is the percentage reduced of the target. If in the previous years there were already reductions done, the agency can include it in the report. The agency can state that they already started streamlining several years back. But the satisfaction results from the transacting public will be based in the FY 2018 efforts of the agency.


QUESTION: What should be the baseline for agencies currently in the process of having their core process/functions ISO certified?

SVP Mendoza mentioned what is in the Citizen Charter should be reflected in the Form A. If the coverage is the same with the ISO certification, it is fine. The baseline data will be January 2018 or December 2017 and improvements will be by December 31, 2018.

For those agencies who said that they have already streamlined prior to January 1, 2018, they can submit background information in order to contextualize the starting point of January 2018.



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