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PBB Requirements Status
Submission of Modified Form A/A1 Not Applicable
ISO QMS Requirement Compliant
Good Governance Conditions
Transparency Seal Compliant
PhilGEPS Posting Compliant
Citizen's Charter Compliant
Public Financial Management Reports
Budget and Financial Accountability Reports
COA Financial Reports Not Applicable
Full Implementation of at 30% of prior years' Audit Recommendations Compliant
Procurement Requirements
APP — non Common-used Supplies and Equipment Non-Compliant
Posting of Indicative APP — non Common-used Supplies and Equipment Compliant
APP — Common-used Supplies and Equipment Compliant
APCPI Results Submission Not Applicable
Conduct of Early Procurement Activities Not Applicable
Other Cross-Cutting Requirements
Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of SALN Compliant
Compliance with FOI Program Compliant
Posting of Guidelines on System of Rating and Ranking Compliant
Last updated: October 19, 2021


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