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PBB Requirements Status
Department Performance Accomplishment Report To Check Status of Compliance, please contact LWUA - 920-5581 to 89
Priority Programs/Projects Accomplishment Report Not Applicable
Good Governance Condition
Transparency Seal Non-Compliant
PhilGEPS Posting Compliant
Citizens Charter Compliant
Public Financial Management Report
ABudget and Financial Accountability Reports Not Applicable
Report on Ageing Cash Advance Compliant
COA Financial Reports Compliant
Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance
Annual Procurement Plan Non-Compliant
APCPI Self-Assessment N/A
Posting of Operations Manual or ISO Certification Compliant
Posting of Guidelines on Rating and Ranking Non-Compliant
Freeedom of Information
Full Implementation of at least 30% of Prior Year's Audit Recommendation
Last updated: May 25, 2017


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